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What hasn’t changed in the last 100 years? Despite all the modern innovations or the lack of technologies in the past, one vital human value remains the same throughout the centuries. Our precious food, the ways we nurture it, how we cook it, decorate it, serve it or eat it, will always bring positive energy, love, friendship and passion to our homes.

That is precisely why B – GOOD FOOD Co. and its fictional hero, the gastronomy genius from Kochani, Mr. Boris, are eager to tell you their own history of nutritious products and delicious meals or simply: - How the quality grainy food from the fields of Europe made it all the way to the United States!

Read the full story in Mr. Banks’s interview in 1923


B’s Restaurant

Mr. Boris's Odyssey


All in all, it is not a surprise that Mr. Boris’s quest must live on. As much as all his miracle recipes delighted us for decades, numberless interesting life, B – GOOD FOODS Co.’s duty and privilege is not only to continue his gastronomy missions in the future, but to inspire, promote and educate all the food lovers around the globe, to eat healthy and live happy.

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